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ECI makes urgent appeal on behalf of Iraqi Christians - Christians and Jews face common enemy

refugees in northern Iraq, Foto: Joe Cropp/IFRC/Röda Korset

Brussels, 15th August, 2014 - As Iraqi Christians face an ultimatum to convert, leave or die, ECI is making an urgent appeal to the leaders of the European Union and its citizens to help stop the mass killing of Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq. 

‘The international community needs to make use of all means possible immediately to stop the advance of the notorious Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS (Islamic State) in order to prevent another genocide’, says ECI Director Tomas Sandell in a statement on Thursday. ‘A special responsibility lies with the US Government, which is the only world power that has the military capability to intervene. The European nations and other allies need fully to support such a humanitarian rescue operation with all necessary funds and logistical aid’, he said.


ECI calls on EU Foreign Ministers to condemn Hamas´ use of human shields in Gaza and escalation of anti-semitic violence in Europe

Sarcelles Paris riot

Brussels, 22nd July, 2014 – As the Israeli defense operation Protective Edge reached its third week, the European Coalition for Israel released a statement on Tuesday. It asks the European Union clearly to condemn the war crimes of Hamas which is locating its terrorist infrastructure in the middle of the civilian population in Gaza, thus maximizing the number of civilian casualties as the Israeli Defence Force continues to take out military targets which threaten Israel.  
Hamas is clearly violating international law, in particular Article 58 of the Additional Protocol 1 of the Geneva Convention, which prohibits locating legitimate military targets ”within or near densely populated areas”.


ECI expresses full solidarity with Israel as the nation faces Hamas’ escalating rocket fire from Gaza

Rocket fire from Gaza3

New York, 9th July, 2014 – In meetings at the UN in New York, the European Coalition for Israel has condemned the intensifying rocket fire into Israel.

In a statement issued in New York on Wednesday, ECI Director Tomas Sandell “strongly condemned the continuing rocket fire into Israel and the deliberate targeting of civilians by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

”No country can accept rocket fire aimed at civilians, and we support Israel’s right to defend herself against these vicious attacks,” he said.
He expressed his condolences to the families of all innocent victims, on both sides, reiterating that every effort should be made to protect civilians.


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