ECI is a grassroots movement that seeks to mobilize people around issues of concern for Israel and the Jewish people. In the past, we have led numerous campaigns: we protested the attendance of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the Football championships in Germany in 2006, supported the release of the three kidnapped Israeli soldiers, stood for keeping Jerusalem united and more.

ECI mobilizes its constituency to sign petitions, to challenge local leaders and candidates to parliamentary, national, and regional elections.

ECI petitions European and national leaders on the issues relating to Israel and the Jewish people and the dynamics in the Middle East.


ECI constantly examines the different European policies and decisions that affect Israel and the Jewish people.
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Before each election to the European Parliament, ECI challenges the candidates by sending questionnaires to clarify the positions of the parties and potential MEPs on issues related to Israel and…


For 12 years, ECI has watched over the international, diplomatic activities related to Israel and Jewish people and challenged the political leaders when necessary.


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