European Report July 2021


Are you immune to the new mutation of antisemitism?
Watch our next European Report on Tuesday 13th July at 16.15 Brussels time, featuring the Vice-President of the European Parliament, MEP Nicola Beer and MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen. The webinar is hosted by ECI Founding Director Tomas Sandell.


Please join us for a thought provoking conversation about the new mutations of antisemitism. The late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks described antisemitism as “a prejudice which has survived by mutating over time.” In the Middle Ages, Jews were persecuted because of their religion. In the 19tth and 20th centuries they were reviled because of their race. But what does antisemitism look like today?

Please find out for yourself by joining our conversation with two of Europe’s most central personalities in the fight against antisemitism, MEP Nicola Beer from Germany and MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen from the Netherlands.

Besides being the Vice-President of the European Parliament MEP Nicola Beer is also the Chair of the European Parliament Working Committee on Antisemitism. MEP Bert-Jaan Ruissen is the Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Delegation to the Israeli Knesset. The conversation will be moderated by ECI Founding Director Tomas Sandell.

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