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The European Report is a political discussion programme that comes from the heart of Europe in the European Parliament and addresses issues concerning Europe and the Middle East. / Alternatively webinars on different subjects.


by Tomas Sandell in EU Reporter Since assuming office in 2014, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has transformed Indonesia’s foreign policy. This past summer alone, the President, known as Jokowi, was invited to participate in the G7 Summit in Germany, visited both Ukraine and Russia to discuss food security issues with Presidents Putin and Zelenksy, and met ...
By Tomas Sandell in Hufvudstadsbladet Inkommande vecka ordnas en viktig expertkonferens i Bryssel. På agendan finns frågan om ritual slakt som en del av religionsfriheten. Tidpunkten är noggrant utvald. Att EU samlar lagexperter kring frågan samtidigt som Finlands regering försöker driva igenom ett lagförslag som skulle frånta de judiska och muslimska minoriteterna i vårt land möjligheten ...
By Tomas Sandell in Allisraelnews Last Sunday’s election victory in Italy of controversial right-wing firebrand Giorgia Meloni has sent shockwaves throughout the world. The fact that her party, Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) – with deep roots in the Italian fascist movement – is on its way to form a new government in Rome raises some ...
By Tomas Sandell in The Times of Israel The recent parliament elections in Sweden revealed an interesting trend. The young generation is apparently less radical than those over 65. This can also be the explanation to why there is suddenly a shift in the World Council of Churches (WCC). The church body, which represents Christian denominations ...
By Tomas Sandell in The Times of Israel 125 years after the First Zionist Congress – Time for the Christian world to fully embrace the Jewish state When Theodor Herzl presented his Zionist vision 125 years ago this weekend in Basel, Switzerland the Christian world was divided. In most Christian circles Jews were still considered “wandering Jews, ...
By Jenni Frazer in Jewish News Archbishop of Canterbury virtually addressed a gathering of faith leaders in Berlin marking the 1942 conference which planned the details of the Final Solution The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has denounced what he called “the profound evil of antisemitism” in a video message to a group of faith leaders meeting ...

ECI in Pictures

International Conference New Generation church – Latvia 2016

Seminar at House of Lords London – Nov 2016

American Friends Launching Dinner Washington DC – Oct 2016

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European Parliament policy conference – Dec 2015

Jewish contributions to European culture Brussels – Dec 2015

United Nations NY Tashlir- Sept 2015

United Nations NY Passover – April 2015

Educational tour Israel – May 2015

Offical visit Australia – NZ

Krakow synagogue concert – Jan 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Day Krakow – Jan 2015

Annual Policy conference European Parliament – Nov 2014

ECI Annual Dinner Brussels – Nov 2014

Young Adults seminar The Hague – June 2014

Conference at San Remo – April 2014