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The European Report is a political discussion programme that comes from the heart of Europe in the European Parliament and addresses issues concerning Europe and the Middle East. / Alternatively webinars on different subjects.


By Jenni Frazer in Jewish News Archbishop of Canterbury virtually addressed a gathering of faith leaders in Berlin marking the 1942 conference which planned the details of the Final Solution The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has denounced what he called “the profound evil of antisemitism” in a video message to a group of faith leaders meeting ...
By Donna Birrell in Premier Christian News The Archbishop of Canterbury says the world must be ‘vigilant’ against the eruption of a ‘volcano’ of anti-semitism. The Most Rev Justin Welby was part of a group of faith leaders from across the world contributing to a symposium in Berlin ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January. The meeting, ...
By Tzvi Joffre in Jerusalem Post Faith leaders met to discuss the rise of antisemitism on the 80th anniversary of the Nazi’s Wannsee Conference. Religious leaders and officials addressed the rise of antisemitism in Germany at a conference on the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, where senior Nazi officials gathered in 1942 to formulate a plan ...
by Tomas Sandell in Allisraelnews Initiative, launched on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, invites churches to stand against hatred of Jewish people The European and International Coalition for Israel (ECI and ICI) has launched a global campaign inviting churches worldwide to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism. The campaign — Churches Against Antisemitism: I ...
by Tomas Sandell in Allisraelnews Balfour was historic, but the San Remo conference set into motion rebirth of the Jewish state – here’s the story few know Last week marked 103 years since the British War Cabinet issued what later would be referred to as the Balfour Declaration, promising British support for the establishment in Palestine of ...
Commentary by Tomas Sandell For most of recent EU-history, Germany has been the glue which has kept the European Union together. No single EU-member state has poured in more financial resources into the common budget of the European Union than Germany. For that sacrificial giving every European citizen should be grateful. Germany has also been perceived as ...

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Krakow synagogue concert – Jan 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Day Krakow – Jan 2015

Annual Policy conference European Parliament – Nov 2014

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Young Adults seminar The Hague – June 2014

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